Continuing School – Considering Going to a Vocational Trade School

A vocational school is a great place to begin your journey in a profession that speaks to you.

So what exactly is a vocational school? These are schools of trade, where hires are employed based on their skills and knowledge in technical, engineering, and other similar duties.

Some examples of trade expertise include:

Beauty Technicians

There are many careers from which to draw examples from, and many will have several institutions to acquire certification and on the job training. As an example, a medical transcriptionist is able to earn a degree from an online college, while also participating in an internship at a local medical facility.

Some key facts regarding vocational schools include:

These are sometimes available through community colleges, which feature tuition prices that are 50% less than traditional colleges.

Financial aid is furthermore available for vocational school programs, through Federal Grants and other forms of loans or scholarships.

Other names for vocational schools include, technical, career or trade schools.

The occupational profile for each trade varies, and this information can be obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There, researchers can find career forecasts, median salary, the amount of professionals currently employed in the field and more.

Many distance learning and on-campus schools allow students to earn licensing and certification in their fields in as little as two years. Compare this to getting a college online degree which may take up to four years, such as a grief counseling degree.

In addition, someone who graduates with an undergraduate degree may still be considered an entry level worker, due to the lack of on-the-job training. This however, may be a non-issue for working adults who may simply need the written qualifications to advance in their career. What’s more is that many distance education colleges may provide accelerated programs to shorten the student’s time for completion.

When choosing a career path, it’s wise to go over all the perimeters of a profession.


Fields you’re most passionate about and write down a shortlist. Think about what career you could see yourself involved in for the long-term. Even though a career switch is certainly feasible in adulthood, it can take a lot of time and resources to accomplish this.